Facebook on Android was looked down to, when it comes to the notorious location tracking it does to capture user data and then feed “relevant advertises”; but new location control settings for Android (and iOS), gives all users a control over how much information they want the app to suck up and share.

Since past few months, Facebook has received some global ramblings over its notorious marketing and money-earning tactics by extracting user data including locations – without the users actually being aware about the same. Facebook then uses the data for better targeted advertising and marketing, and coins an extra penny in its pocket. However, lately, the social media giant has been scrambling down some of its controversial features and resolve the soured reputation; the latest one being – the new location control settings for mobile phone users.

The purpose of introducing the feature is to give control to the user over how much data about themselves do they want the app to share. Which means, if you feel uncomfortable about the implicit location tracking on Facebook, you can stop the app from doing so completely, or allow it only when you’re using the app. What’s more, you can also turn off Location History so that Facebook doesn’t keep a record of places you’ve visited in past.

The location sharing controls were already available for iOS users, since Apple offers three options when it comes to sharing their location: “Always”, “Never” and “While Using”. Android users, on the other hand, we essentially giving the social network permission to track them at all times. Probably without realizing it. To turn that off on Android, update the app from Play Store, then go to Settings and Privacy and tap on Settings. Scroll down to the Privacy section, tap on the Location option, then on Location Services to turn on or turn off location tracking. You can also turn the Background Location option on or off for when you are not using the app.