Fashion is not what others decide for you. Fashion, is what you decide for yourself. Fashion is comfortable, flexible, and modifiable. And for the fashion trends of 2019 as per Pinterest, wellness is all that matters.

Every year, our favourite photo sharing app, Pinterest, carries out an analysis of what their users have been searching for and creates an archive of most searched fashion trends, accessories, photography, art etc to let us have a look at what’s in! This definitely allows us to predict the upcoming fashion trends with utmost precision. This was Pinterest’s fifth annual analysis of most searched fashion and experts have compiled the Pinterest 100 report, which includes 10 fashion predictions for 2019.

The trends that were discarded years ago are being embraced again with acceptance from all over the world and one of the best example for that is fanny pack, which can also be called as the belt bag. Also, the bike shorts are in again! The fashion trend that was single-handed buys and handled by Kim Kardashian is now a major trend in athleisure and comfort fashion. Also, many people are pairing these biker shorts with some high socks and sneakers. And god! What variety has the sneaker trend brought in! Apart from the simple plain white sneakers, people are also searching for eye catching, glamorous and colorful ones. From sparkles to glitters, everything is in for sneakers.

As the fashion researcher at Pinterest, Larkin Brown says, “The trends unveil what people are dreaming about trying in the new year, what they share in common, from everyday inspiration to bigger moments in the calendar.” People are also turning towards sustainable fashion and supporting fashion labels that hold some environmental importance. Getting beautiful should go side by side with protecting mother nature, isn’t it? Apart from this, the oval sunglasses are also back on demand, with searches rising by 591% last year. Prints were always in, but snake print has stolen the show this time with the biggest rise in searches this year, up by 642%, suggesting that snake prints will be sticking around for 2019.

Turtle earrings, Robe silhouettes, and bamboo bags have also jumped in the popular list this time. There are many more items in the list with the above mentioned being on the top. But the most important thing is that the fashion industry is slowly turning towards comfort and sustainability, which is a good sign of course.