One of the most popular and phenomenal sitcoms of India, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai will return as a web series on Hotstar in May. Get ready for some Indravardhan’s undeniable humor, Maya classy burn, Rosesh’s kooky poetries and Monisha’s unmatchable bargaining skills beaded in the story revolving around a posh Gujarati family living in Mumbai.

Sarabhai vs Sarabhai was undoubtedly one of the finest and phenomenal sitcoms made in the history of Indian soaps. The storyline revolved around an upper-class posh Gujarati family living in Mumbai and was pretty successful in making people “lol” long before the acronym famed up. The light comedy made the Sarabhais achieve stardom and dwell in people’s hearts so much fans have been waiting for the comeback since a decade now.

The show starred Satish Shah, Ratna Pathak Shah, Sumeet Raghavan, Rupali Ganguly and Rajesh Kumar, effortlessly setting new benchmarks for subsequent comedy shows in India. The sitcom targeted all age groups, making it more “watchable” and enjoyable for every member of family, and let’s face it, such shows are rare. And not forgetting few epics like “Momma ka purse, momma ka purse, jaise hospital ki koi pyaari nurse” and “Sone jaisa rang hai tera, aakhe jaise moti, laash jaisi dikhti hai jab khuli aankh se soti machli bu bu bu bu bu bu bu bu kissi de do choti choti”.

The entire crew re-united at Satish Shah’s birthday bash and producer Jamnadas Majethia posted a picture hinting the comeback of the show. The show is back as a web series and the story will take a 7-year leap. The season 2 will return with the same good old cast and few new characters will be added but the producers have confirmed that there will be no change in what people loved in past. The show will air in May on Hotstar, and we can’t wait to enjoy the light humour, can you?