Singapore got its first female President when former Speaker of Parliament – Halimah Yacob became the unelected President as she was the only one to qualify the requirements of participating in election.

A 63-year-old Malay origin women and former speaker of the Parliament of Singapore was the only one to meet the requirements of participating as a candidate for presidential election after the other two contenders – businessmen Mohamed Salleh Marican and Farid Khan, did not meet one of the minimum requirements to run. Yacob became the first female president of Singapore on Thursday, without a single vote. Ideally, as an experienced political campaigner, she would have preferred to put her record of public service and outweigh in an open contest with her contenders, but she was chosen unelected because of legislative changes.

In an ideal world, Yacob would have been popularly elected as the President for her own merits and her passion to work for the betterment of society – with little or no consideration of the community she belongs to. But since it is not anything close to an ideal world, Singaporeans criticised the deployment of Yacob as the head of Singapore’s high office. Because they obviously preferred to have a chance to vote and choose their President because after all he/she will be having an important influence to their lives and will serve as the guardian of country’s integrity and a custodian of key decisions. They would want to choose someone from their community, regardless of their ethics and efficiency.

But the new President has embraced the criticism and said in her first public speech that ‘she is the President of all’ and she will unite the country and make them stand together – shoulder to shoulder to make the best to come for the country. Now that she had been sworn in as President of Singapore, she will represent all Singaporeans and is given full support by Government as the nation’s head with a hope to begin a new phase of development in India.