I know many of us have been waiting for this, so here it is – the first trailer of spy-thriller ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ – starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. I’ll be honest, it is surely worth a watch once. Or maybe twice.

There are numerous rounds of gunfights, there’s horse riding, there’s mind game, there are punches and kicks – and there is a lot of typical Salman style muscle flexing, of course – all this sewed together with spicy Bollywood dialogues and punchlines. Tiger, dam hai toh rok le; and then Sallubhai says Usman, agar tujhme dam hai toh tu ab.. mujhe rok ke dikha – oh so Bollywood, right? So about the storyline, first things first, since this is a sequel of movie “Ek Tha Tiger”, both Salman and Katrina will be re-playing their roles as intelligence spy agents –  Tiger is an Indian agent, Zoya is a Pakistani spy. They fell in love in the previous movies and fought against all the odds for love – now, in the sequel, both of them will be travelling five different countries, fighting against odds – to rescue 25 Indian nurses who have been captured as ISIS hostages in Iraq.

As per mentioned in the trailer, the film is based on real-life incident where 46 nurses were held as hostages by ISIS in Iraq in 2014. Giving the story a twist, all top officials were shown worried about who will take the risk of messing up with world’s most dangerous groups, in a foreign country which is their bastion, and save the nurses from their guarded fortresses? Tiger will! Duh! And he has his ladylove bold-bae Zoya by his side, who is a Pakistani spy and they both will work together to release hostage nurses and to ‘stand for peace’.

The trailer of “Tiger Zinda Hai” looks quite promising not only for Salman’s fans, but also for the audience who love watching action-packed war films. With its stunts, visual effects and exotic locations, the film, which has been shot across five countries, seems to have a lot to offer. Somehow, Salman is Akshay Kumar for his daredevil stunts, Jason Bourne for the spy-effect, Vin Diesel for his high-octane movie action and Dwayne Johnson for his body – all together. At least it looks so in the trailer, and Salman is known for movies bigger-than-life, so yes, there are quite a lot of speculations and expectations for the movie. And, it will be released on December 22, 2017 for a merry Christmas treat.