The Indian Railways is desperately trying to improve the quality of travel experience via trains and here’s the latest one – they will soon change the way food is served on trains. Train food menus will adopt airline-like style – forget those gravies and dals.

Have you had a crappy food experience when you ordered food from Indian Railways train kitchen? Yeah, you know the feel. But it gets really inconvenient to get heathy hygienic food when you’re travelling long distances via train. In a bid to improve the quality of food served to passengers on train, Railway ministry is looking forwards to serve food on the basis of the system employed by passenger airlines–this means passengers will be served dry items or food without gravy. And a special committee has been formed, which will review and decide what will be served as meals, on the go.

Apart from that, the Railway Ministry also suggested that passengers will have to change the way passengers eat food in trains and will have to adapt to the new system. Items like veg biryani, Rajma Chawal, Hakka Noodles, Pulao, and Ladoos will be included in the new menu. Sounds good enough to me, as long as hygiene is maintained – that is very, very crucial; so much that mostly, taste comes out to be a secondary factor.

However, as they say, everything good comes at a cost and that is why the committee has mentioned out new recommendations for rationalisation. Which means, for good quality food, we as passengers will have to shell out more money. But hey, it will be airlines-like food that is ready to eat, sputter-free and most expectedly – very hygienic. With all that, I think people will not mind spending a few extra bucks, I mean we aren’t going to eat on train every day, and that quality always matters.