It is still vacation season and if you are yet to plan your holiday but the soaring air fares are giving you an ache? Well here’s some soothing news for you. Leading Indian airlines are going big on sale this monsoon and some are offering domestic air tickets at prices as low as Rs 11 per person!

A gala period of Indian domestic air travel which is like a honeypot for travellers as airline companies are offering unbelievable sale rates this monsoon for selected flights for specific time period. It all started when SpiceJet announced one-way air tickets at freaking Rs 12 base fare (tax and surcharge excluded) to celebrate its 12th anniversary. This offer is valid for customers who book tickets from May 23 and May 28, 2017 and the travel date must be between June 26, 2017 to March 24, 2018.

SpiceJet has also arranged a lucky draw for customers who book the sale tickets and prizes for winners of the contest include free international flight ticket, free domestic flight ticket, and hotel voucher worth Rs 10,000 among others. But only the customers who have booked the anniversary sale air tickets are eligible for this lucky draw contest.

To beat SpiceJet’s anniversary sale, IndiGo pushed it to even cheaper rates and has come up with air ticket base fare starting from Rs 11 (again, tax and surcharge excluded) for the non-stop flights. This offer will be valid for tickets booked between May 23 to May 28 for travel between June 26, 2017 to March 28, 2018. One Rupee less, four days extra, watta catch!

Yeah so the sale game is not over yet, Jet Airways declared flat Rs 1079 per ticket for one-way selected routes but you’ll have to hurry with the bookings as the offer is open only from May 24 to May 26. The travel deadline is shorter too, from June 15 and September 20. And also that this offer cannot be availed for group bookings so single bookings on selected routes only. But that’s a great deal considering the quality of Jet Airways.

AirAsia also tried to jiggle into the ongoing sale competition and is offering tickets worth Rs 1699, for one-way travel, on selected fare classes only. Tickets can be booked between May 23 and May 28, for travel till November 23, 2017. Although this offer seems like a tangential try to jump into the humongous discount season. But after the unbelievable cut-offs on telecommunication and internet rates because of fierce cut-throat competition between Indian telcos, not it is the airlines companies’ turn.

This is definitely a treat but don’t get all overzealous about it because the 11-12 Rupees rate is just the base fare and the taxes and surcharges add up to an aggregate rate of about Rs 899-1000 fare. For more details, kindly check the official websites of respective airlines and all the offers are applicable on one-way non-stop selected routes. So where are you flying to this monsoon?