At Flipkart, quality is not just limited to their customers, they know how to keep their clients merry because they know it well that ‘work is where the heart is’. Flipkart is the best and most sought workplace in India as per LinkedIn.

The LinkedIn list is based on the actions taken by LinkedIn’s 500+ million members focussed on four core areas: reach, engagement, job interest, and new hire staying power. Their data team, working with their global editorial team, analysed those actions to come up with a blended score ranking the winners in each country. And Flipkart rules the Indian list for the most employee-friendly place for employees (what-a-sentence!). Dear Flipkart, resumes incoming!

And it’s not just Flipkart, Amazon is also in the top list so it has something to do with e-commerce companies that employees might be drooling over, you think? No, it isn’t that easy because the company works hard and puts effort to keep their employees happy. Flipkart offers its employees multiple perks like after two years of service employees can take a long career break to pursue higher education, personal engagements, etc. And not to forget personal welcome, where on their first day at office, employees are picked up by chauffeur-driven cars and sent on a treasure hunt to familiarise themselves with the office.

Flipkart has roughly 30,000 employees in India and they know how to keep them all happy. And the “flipsters” – that’s the name for Flipkart employees, have always had the freedom to innovate and provide ownership. They also provide six months’ maternity leave as well as paternity leave to new parents. There are no chances of sexual assaults or harassments because the POSH internal committee ensure strict actions. They also host fun events like recently, the person who won a contest in the company became the CEO of Flipkart for a day! Bosses around the world, listening?

The interesting finding is that of the 25 top companies, over 30% are new entrants like – One97 Communications, Tech Mahindra, Swiggy, IDFC Bank, Vodafone, Grofers, McKinsey & Company and Oracle. Other ‘oldies’ (*giggles*) which are good for employees (*giggles again*) are companies like Ola at number 5, Alphabet and Google at 8, Oyo Rooms at 9, Reliance at 10, Cisco at 16.