The electrics and hybrids are taking over the gas-only automotive world following research and analysis in AI – even giants like Aston Martin, Tesla and Ferrari cannot resist; and following the trend, Ford might soon introduce Ford Mustang in hybrid version.

And now, this electric revolution is revolving around the American Muscles. The roaring engines, which are sometimes even raged too much for their own good, of these muscles are gradually drifting towards the hybrid lane. Two most powerful chariots of speed, Chevy’s Camaro and Ford Mustang are under a hybrid uplift. Ford has yet-to-be-confirmed plans to twin-up Mustang’s chassis with both V8 engine’s power and hybrid components for four-wheel drive power train. However, the specs for the upcoming power train are not yet disclosed by Ford.

The evolution of Mustang hints for it to evolve with the legendary 5.0-liter Coyote V8 engine. Embracing the hybrid-accents, the electric motor and the V8 gas-engine will bolster the beast in accordance with the driving mode. The 2020 debut of hybrid “beloved pony” is expected to come packed with new safety reformations viz. automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection, blind-spot monitoring with cross-traffic alert, a lane keeping system, automatic high-beams, a rear-view camera, and an adaptive cruise control system with reverse automatic braking. The company has a challenging task to level up or even maintain the rage of upcoming hybrid, up with that of GT500, currently roaring the streets.

The patent application published to the US Patent and Trademark Office website says, “twin motor drive system for hybrid vehicle” asserts a front-wheel drive system bride with the first and the second electric motor positioned directly to confronting sides of the engine and a rear-wheel-drive system bride with an internal combustion engine to configure rear-wheel-drive. The first and the second electric motor are copulated to a first and second reduction gearbox to drive a first front wheel and the second front wheel respectively.