After a drab cold winter with woolens and coats and parkas, we are now ready for the fresh airy summery fashion with cottons and linens and all the floral light fashion. And in the fierce sun, a fresher makeup and hair do will do the trick for you to look cool in the hot weather.

Here are few tips and tricks to style up this summer:

Lips: Summer is a fun season for lips, you can get away with those bright corals, the hot pinks. For something a little more neutral, blush and light rose hues are a staple year-round. Liquid lipsticks are in buzz this year and they apply more evenly and last a little longer than the regular lippies. Make sure to exfoliate your lips with lip scrubs once a week to get rid of dead skin on the lips for a smoother canvas.

Eyes: Pink, gold and bronze hues are fresh, create a glow and look good on every skin tone. Light thin liquid eyeliner paired with a white eye pencil applied on the lower waterline will help you get the wide-awake and fresh look. You can try black and brown shades of eyeliners for an everyday look and avoid hot hues of eye-shadows.

Cheeks: For cheeks, natural-looking contouring has replaced harsh lines. Rather than heavy cream contouring, people are using just darker powders so you can’t really tell it’s contoured. Gold or pearly-colored highlighter helps to brighten and reflect light above the cheekbones, while brighter pink blushes add color to the face. And don’t forget to add a mild soft hint of highlighter for the fresh, dewy, healthy summery glow.

Brows: Instead of having that tiny, thin eyebrow, it’s about being proud of your bold brows. To achieve the look, pencils are recommended for beginners.

Hair: When it comes to hairstyles, long, textured waves are in and easy to maintain for a casual look. Curls create a more formal look. To get the look curl the sections of hair in the same direction, finishing by working oil through the hands and pulling it through the hair.

There are no rules for makeup anymore, you can just express yourself as long as you can hold your head high and pull any look off. Happy summer to you.