Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu will be staying for a day in Gujarat during his six-day long trip to India next week and is likely to have a road show with ‘friend’ Modi in Ahmedabad on January 17, just like Japanese PM Abe Shinzo had.

Ahmedabad airport to Sabarmati Ashram, it is becoming a popular route, thanks to Modi and his international friends conducting roadshows – a very familiar plan for Gujaratis. Just a couple of months after the roadshow by Modi and Shinzo, the same Ahmedabad roadshow route is now prepping up to host yet another roadshow; everything remains same, only this time, it will be with Israeli PM Netanyahu. The plan is that both leaders-friends will seat side-by-side in an open-top Gypsy car decorated with flowers and will take a 9 kilometre trip from Ahmedabad airport to Sabarmati Ashram – a familiar plan for everyone but Mr Netanyahu, for him, it will be a grand welcome in Gujarat. At least that’s what Gujarat CM Vijay Rupani said.

Modi-Shinzo roadshow was considered to be a huge success as they inaugurated the formal work of Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train; so why not play safe and repeat it again! Instead of bullet train, the two prime ministers will visit ‘iCreate’, an autonomous centre that mentors budding entrepreneurs and then, they will visit a Sabarkantha-based centre of excellence for agriculture; hence covering a 9 kilometre roadshow route. The roadshow with Netanyahu is expected to deepen relations between both countries and the leaders too; if the idyllic beach visit in Israel wasn’t good enough. With this, Netanyahu will become the third head of state to visit Ahmedabad, after Chinese President Xi Jinping and Japanese PM Abe Shinzo.

Apart from a day in Gujarat, Netanyahu will visit Mumbai and will be inviting Bollywood to Israel for shooting their films. Meanwhile, his visit coincides with the first International Bene Israel Festival, which is being held on the Navgaon beach in Maharashtra’s Raigad district to promote people-to-people ties. The idea is to congregated global Bene Israel (lit. children of Israel) community and raise funds for the restoration of a 1980s memorial that marks the site where their predecessors were washed ashore after a shipwreck about 2000 years ago. So all in all, Netanyahu will be having a packed trip to India.