Consuming fresh fruits everyday can cut the risk of developing diabetes and diabetic complications as per research conducted in University of Oxford. This research pacifies the fear that consuming too many fresh fruits might be unhealthy because of high sugar content; so not true. Fruits are good for health and now with the study as a criterion, fruits even reduce the risk of developing diabetes by 12%.

Eating healthy, balanced diet every day is the best thing you can do to avoid diabetes and a bowl of fresh, local and seasonal fruits can be a refreshing addition to the healthy meals. Despite being sweet and high in sugar content, fruits can actually help in reducing the risk of developing diabetes and diabetic complexities because fruits are full of glucose and fructose which are metabolised differently from refined sugar and hence they do not raise blood sugar levels.

Apart from that, fruits are full of vitamins, fibres, micro-nutrients and healthy anti-oxidants which out body needs and craves for and the natural sugars are actually good for our body. But it may be best to opt for apples, oranges, pears and berries because they raise blood sugar more gradually than bananas, grapes and tropical fruits.

The study conducted at University of Oxford, United Kingdom monitored nearly 500,000 people in China and found that those who were diabetes-free at the start of experiment before seven years had 12% lower risk of developing diabetes if they ate fruit every day. Apart from diabetes, a bowl of fruits can actually help in avoiding other complications like heart problems, stroke, eye diseases and kidney diseases by 13 to 28 percent.

And who doesn’t love fruits, they are natural refreshing desserts which are packed with nutrients and vitamins which are very important to lead a healthy and fit life. So do not underestimate the power of fruits because a bowl of fruit everyday has a long, long healthy way to go.