The Consortium of Indian Petroleum Dealers (CIPD) have foreboded the possibility of remaining closed on Sundays from May 14 to support the Prime Minister’s vision to reduce fuel consumption. Few media reports stated that petrol pump owners may enforce the ‘no sale weekend’ scheme if their demand of higher dealer commission is not agreed upon by the central government.

The CIPD meeting was held in which members from states Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra were present and have decided to shut down fuel stations on every Sunday applicable from 14 May 2017. Earlier reports

said that this is a strike to increase the dealer’s commission; the strike was withdrawn in January after public oil companies assured a revision of commission but no actions have been taken till date in that concern and now the dealers have become outrageous regarding that matter.

But in contrast to those reports, A D Sathyanarayan, President, Consortium of India Petroleum Dealers quoted, “In line with the Prime Minister’s appeal to reduce fuel consumption the CIPD has decided to request its members to declare Sunday as holiday from 14 May 2017”.

Ajay Bansal, the president of All India Petroleum Dealers’ Association clarified that this is not going to be a countrywide impact as CIPD is present only in few states. “This will create panic. The association that has called for such a move has presence in only Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Maharashtra. We are not supporting this decision, while we also have the same demands to increase.”

So CIPD present in few states is in favour of reducing fuel consumption by shutting down on Sundays and AIPDA is in favour of commission increment but doesn’t support striking by shutting down on weekends. And the Petrol Dealers’ Association is likely to implement the weekend off if their demand of dealers’ commission is not fulfilled.

With so many different yet similar organisations with various points of views and statements, it is all a very hazy picture for now but the fuel stations are likely to remain shut on Sundays from mid-May this year, so be prepared to fuel up because if you hit the fuel bottoms on weekends, you might not find any fuel on Sundays. Stay tuned for the latest and clearer updates, until then, stay fueled!