Following quite a while of hypothesis and jokes, the Galaxy Note 7 FE has at long last had its contraction confirmed by means of a limited time publication now in plain view in South Korea. The Galaxy Note Fan Edition is required to have arrived in selected nations on July 7.

Samsung clarifies that the Galaxy Note Fan Edition is made with reviewed Note 7 phones and unused Note 7 sections. Along these lines Samsung can limit squander by utilising the Note 7 sections that it as of now has, the company clarifies.

The Galaxy Note FE is relied upon to be released on July 7, potentially with an “R” engraved on the back of the device to demonstrate that it is a refurbished unit. It could be postponed by half a month as per a current gossip.

Like the Note 7, the Galaxy Note Fan Edition is IP68 dust and water resistant, and the S Pen is likewise back. The phone is accessible in an indistinguishable shading variants from the Note 7 — Blue Coral, Gold Platinum, Silver Titanium, and Black Onyx.

Here are the three primary features in Galaxy Note FE:

Bixby Assistant: The Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition accompanies Samsung’s own particular new Bixby Assistant, which was propelled alongside the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus. In any case, the Note FE doesn’t highlight Bixby button. The Note 7 then again accompanied Samsung’s old Touchwiz. You likewise get ‘Bixbee Home’ and ‘Bixbee Reminder’ alongside the Note FE.

Battery: We all realise that the Note 7 disaster was caused because of flawed batteries, however now Samsung has downsized the battery from 3,500mAh to 3,200mAh in the wake of executing the 8 – point battery safety test.

Fan Edition: Design-wise, the Samsung Galaxy Note FE is the duplicate of Galaxy Note 7. However, there’s a ‘Fan Edition’ logo on the back of the device, which separates the two.

“The latest launch of the Galaxy Note FE… has a significant meaning as an environment-friendly project that minimised the waste of resources,” Samsung said in a statement.