Google Maps now included 33 locations from HBO’s well-known TV series, Game of Thrones, that the fans can for all intents and purposes find.

The team of the television series set out over the world to film different scenes, incorporating to a bullring in southern Spain to film the Arena of Meereen and to St. Dominic Street in Croatia, for Cersei Lannister’s stroll of shame.

The popular Walk of Shame of Cersei Lannister was shot in St Dominic Street in Croatia and a few other vital parts of the seasons were taken into the camera in Croatia. Nonetheless, the team held no limit to catch the delightful scenes that were nearest to writer George RR Martin’s depictions in the book series, A Song of Fire and Ice.

This new expansion to Google Earth was by means of the new feature by Google Maps called Street View. The feature likewise gives you a chance to investigate different other wonderful locations and historic places, including the International Space Station by NASA. These Game of Thrones locations is plainly a remarkable route for individuals to spend their Saturday-Sunday as they sit tight for another episode of the highly anticipated season that is nearing an end as of now.


Game of Thrones Season 7 debuted on July 16, 2017.