It has been more than a century for humans making vehicles and now, General Motors is planning to rip-off the core controlling part of cars as the company is planning to introduce a completely autonomous car with no steering wheel or pedals. The plan is to introduce the no steering wheel cars by 2019.

Vehicles have changed the way humans travelled from one place to others. With time and with us, our vehicles have evolved too – from the Fred Flintstone’s footmobile to Bruce Wayne’s batmobile, even our fictions paint evolution. However, during the century filled with changes and advancement, one thing has remained prominent – the steering wheel or handle or pedal. The steering is the core of any vehicle, it gives control and we dare not lose control or get rid of it, do we? But, General Motors is about to rip off the heart of cars with is new plans of completely autonomous cars, with no steering wheel or pedals or whatsoever.

By 2019, General Motors is planning to mass-produce these self-driving cars and they will lack the traditional controlling unit – the steering wheel. Why? Because they are planning to make the robots so efficient that they will need no babysitting from humans. The car will be the fourth generation of its driverless, all-electric Chevy Bolts, which are currently being tested on public roads in San Francisco and Phoenix. Let me tell you, this robo-chariot is GM’s truly driverless debut, a bold car that will have the control and will have to handle the world on its own. Sounds creepy giving the controls to bots, but who said evolution is easy? We have to adapt and it takes time. I mean we learned to trust something as sloppy as perfectly round wheels, so we will learn to trust bots enough to let them drive for us while we get lazier and more dependent.

Perhaps, you don’t need to worry because General Motors will make sure to keep the self-driving as safe as it gets. For that, the company will run a test batch for ride-sharing program starting in 2019, and they won’t be without a safety net. The self-driving vehicles will drive on a fixed route as the part of testing and it will be controlled by their in-built mapping system – in US first. For this, GM is seeking federal permission to run the test without a driver. The general belief and motto at General Motors is that technology can change the world, like it already has.