Looks like the Germans have taken the popular Bollywood song “Give me some sunshine” very, very seriously because they recently lit up the World’s Largest Artificial Sun! That’s right! Germany have launched a massive light emitting device called “Synlight” and is called the biggest artificial sun in world.

‘Artificial Sun in world’, these words look pretty weird on their own and to add up is the tag “largest”. I mean, how many suns are actually present on Earth! Well, it’s the solar body, the star sun, you know. It’s a metaphor to a gigantically humongous source of light made by humans. Germany has launched one such light source and is claimed to be the largest till date and is called “Synlight”. It is said that Synlight produces light 10,000 times the

intensity of natural sunlight on Earth and when all the lamps concentrate light on a single spot, it can generate temperatures of around 3,500C which is around two to three times the temperature of a blast furnace. Hot-hot hottie! But you might want to stay away from this hottie because it (she, no it, no she) might burn you up into ashes, literally.

The goal of lighting up such an enormous light source is to generate more efficient and cleaner energy for future. Hence to determine the optimal setup needed to use sunlight to power a reaction that produces hydrogen fuel — a potential clean fuel source for cars and airplanes. Synlight currently gobbles up huge amount of energy – four hours of operation consumes as much electricity as a four-person household in a year, but scientists hope that natural sunlight could be used in future.

Hydrogen when burned, produces no carbon emissions which means it won’t add up to global warming. Hydrogen, a very efficient fuel is the most common element in universe, but it is rare on Earth. And Earthlings are so desperate about having hydrogen that we are now making artificial suns!