Expanding the outreach in India, Zomato recently added its as many as 25+ Indian cities to their service list, and now the international food delivery network chain is about to launch a multi-city food carnival called Zomaland in India.

Under the forays of Zomato Events in India, Zomato announced the multi-city Zomaland food festival will be held in four Indian cities in the first months of 2019, and it will be all about food. Zomato has partnered up with over 400 restaurants to participate and support in the mega multi-city food carnival. The entire food extravaganza will be filled with street performances, food exhibitions, pop-up restaurants, and much more from the food and entertainment vertical. Zomato expects to witness as many as 2,00,000 footfalls during the course of the Zomaland extravaganza in all four cities.

The entire Zomaland carnival will be led by Chaitanya Mathur, the former co-founder of Grub Fest which is a premier food festival of India. With a vast experience in organizing and managing the premium food festivals in India, Chaitanya’s lead will help Zomaland  to become a big hit. CEO of Zomato India, Gaurav Gupta says that the “The idea behind conducting the food carnival is that if there is a food experience that needs to be brought to the user, even if it’s an offline one, we should be the ones bringing it to the consumers”.

Zomato successfully expanded its suite of offerings in the last couple of years, and has raised it revenue by 40% in fiscal year 2018 with a total of Rs 466 crore. Gupta has not revealed about how much the company has planned to spend on the food carnival, not has they mentioned anything about which cities will be picked for the debut of Zomaland in India. But he did indicate that Zomato will consider taking conducting more such events across markets in and outside India as well in coming days.