With major changes in Canadian visa rules, Indians are among the ones to be benefitted the most as Canada’s authorities have relaxed student visa procedure for India and three other countries – making the entire process much easier and faster.

Indian students went through a setback after the British immigration rules tightened up for receiving study visa in United Kingdom’s universities. However, when one door closes, ten new open up – which is why, just days after UK excluded Indian students from easier visa norms, the Canadian Immigration Authority has relaxed norms so that Indians and citizens of three other countries can get faster visas to study in Canada. These major immigration rule changes will make it much easier for Indian students to get admissions and study in Canadian universities – which will add up to the figure of over 100,000 Indians studying in Canada currently.

As per the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) office, the relaxations are part of their campaign to make Canada a destination for international students who are looking up quality education options. Concentrating on the countries from where most foreign students in Canada come from, the Canadian IRCC has announced the Student Direct Stream (SDS) under which, students coming from India, China, Philippines and Vietnam will get easier and faster student visa processing. However, the IRCC clarified that individuals who have “the financial resources and language skills to succeed academically in Canada” will be the ones who will be benefited from faster processing.

Perhaps, one will have to qualify for SDS and all applicants will require to meet certain level of expertise in linguistic skills – which will be much stricter than required for regular student visa. Once qualified under SDS, the processing time of study permit will be fast-tracked to be approved within 45 days instead of 60 days. Those who do not meet the SDS requirements can apply for regular study permit application to get to Canada. The other major perk of SDS will be after one gets to Canada and completes their studies – the SDS will complement the Express Entry system that will help in getting faster and easier permanent residence and Canadian citizenship.