While the world runs for premium college degrees and flashy certificates, big-guns like Google, IBM, Apple and a total of 15 other multinational companies no more require job applicants to have college degrees to be considered as potential candidates. It is all the game of talent and skill now.

Job review website Glassdoor recently compiled a list of 15 international companies that doesn’t require candidates to have specific or even any college degrees to apply for jobs. Pleasingly enough, the list includes dreamy mega tech employers like Google, IBM, Apple as well as other service centric MNCs like Starbucks and Chipotle. These 15 companies literally do not care if you went to college or not, all they seek is talent and skills that fits the particular job profile. And these jobs include actual office-type jobs, which speaks of the change in recruitment system.

From employee view point, completely ditching the value of a four-year-long degree feels like a dramatic break from hiring orthodoxy that insist upon a degree rather than knowledge. But… but, academic qualifications will still be taken account of and remains to be an important factor in recruitment process. The change in these 15 companies is that degrees will no more be a barrier for potential candidates to get a foot in the doors of getting hired. Simply put, companies will hire the candidates whose experience and skills best for the job and many of those who get hired will have university degrees, many might not.

If you are curious, the other companies in the Glassdoor list are – Bank of America, Lowe’s, Home Depot, Nordstrom, Publix, Hilton, Whole Foods, Costco Wholesale, Penguin Random House, Ernst and Young (EY). However, hold your horses because no degrees needed ultimately means that the interview process will be intensive. Perhaps the best thing is, the one with proper skill sets and experience – with or without degree, will be the chosen one.