Okay, so Indians can now get on-arrival visa while visiting the United Arab Emirates – one just has to possess residential visa from United Kingdom or countries from European Union; or the United States – which was declared earlier.

American-Indians recently received the facility of accessing on-arrival visa at UAE, and expanding these relaxed visa norms – the UAE Ambassador to India, Ahmed Albanna announced on Thursday that they have decided to grant visa on arrival to Indian passport holders with residence visa from UK and the European Union. Mr Albanna said that this move indicates the strengthening relations between India and UAE, with every passing day and that a strong partnership is shaping up. So who knows, even Indian residents might soon get on-arrival visas for UAE – and vice versa.

The decision to simplify visas for Indians isn’t just meant to boost people-to-people relations of both countries, but it also signifies better relations in economic, politics and trade; and also UAE’s vision of attracting more and more tourists. Because after all, it’s a party where ever attention of Indian tourists is caught – we travel in such huge mass. Stats prove that – the number of Indian tourists to the UAE touched 1.6 million while 50,000 UAE tourists visited India, see the ration! There are about 1,000 flights per week, 143 flights operate each day between.

It is already official and not just that, during the maiden visit of UAE Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan to India on Republic Day of India this year, a two sided MoU was inked on mutual exemption of entry visa requirements to the holders of diplomatic, special and official passports. Oh and there was an official statement from UAE government which said, “there would be some more measures in days to come to further improve the long-term strategic partnership and promote political, economic and trade interests”. Expect visa-free travel to UAE, soon!