The sub-zero temperature weather in the Midwest region of the United States is getting so deadly cold that it has surpassed the current weather on the arctic, and even Mars!  The mercury had dropped down to as low as 75 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (-59 degree Celsius) in North Dakota on Tuesday, all because of global warming.

As oxymoronic as it may sound, the bitter bone-chilling cold that has engulfed the Midwestern region of the States is the result of the split in the polar vortex, which was caused due to global warming. Explaining it further, a blow of hot Moroccan air reached the North Pole’s normally super-chilly weather and smashed the polar vortex into pieces – a result of global warming. Then, the polar vortex pieces responsible for the sub-zero temperature and harsh weather started wandering, and that struck the US with the erratic weather conditions.

Hence, believe it or not, but the deadly freeze in the US is directly the result of global warming, and it gets worse as while the US freezes, the artic is warming up, melting the polar regions. The lowest temperature recorded this season was in North Dakota on Tuesday morning, freezing down to deadly 75 degrees below zero Fahrenheit (-59 degree Celsius) – which is colder than the Alaska, Antarctica and even Mars. In Chicago, temperature had dipped to as low as minus 21 (negative 29 degrees Celsius), with wind chills to minus 40 (negative 40 degrees Celsius).  Detroit’s outlook was for Wednesday overnight lows around minus 12 (negative 24 degrees Celsius), with wind chills dropping to minus 35 (negative 37 degrees Celsius).

With another polar vortex piece heading up, Weathermen has forecasted that in coming days temperature is likely to get as low 65 degree Fahrenheit (-54 degree Celsius) in some parts of the Midwest including Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin. The severe cold wave has brought lives of tens of millions of people to a standstill. Flights, trains, buses, mail delivery, schools, colleges and businesses are closed and people encouraged to stay home as the worst cold of all times is yet to grip the region.