One of the most widely used email service – Google’s Gmail is about to change the way it looks with another design interface revamp for all mobile versions, bringing a fresh new look with a fresh new year.

Google will be rolling out the redesigned theme version of Gmail for Android and iOS apps, as well as the mobile version of Gmail – following the massive UI design changes made last year for desktops to make it more user friendly. As per Google’s blog post notifying the upcoming makeover, Gmail will witness some very crucial changes like – a new user interface, enabling users to view attachments like photos without opening or scrolling through the conversation and also an ability to switch between personal and work accounts easily – to name just a few of the new features.

Another handy feature that new Gmail mobile versions will bear is that a big red warning sign will be displayed against received emails that might have phishing or malware content. Besides that, the entire design would be much cleaner – perhaps all white from top to bottom, and a prominent search bar on top aligned with a hamburger menu on the left side for other tabs. On the right side would be the profile option to be able to view your current Gmail profile, or even directly switch to other Gmail account in a jiffy, with just a tap.

There are chances of web features like “Nudge” for quick reminders, “Smart Reply” and “Confidential Mode” to remove the option to forward, copy, download or print a message to be added to Gmail mobile. Google says that the new design will unify the material design of Google on all platforms and is their effort to make the entire G Suite look and act uniformly under the Google Material Theme. The update should arrive to all Android and iOS users in coming weeks, and the goal is to change the UI for all mobile platforms by the end of this year.