If you are planning for a holiday to Bali in coming recent days, well don’t – because your holiday plans will be in a limbo as the exotic Indonesian island of Bali are under the fear of a volcano eruption.

Bali, a tourist magnet destination with its sandy beaches, exotic landscapes, those clear blue skies, resorts under the sun and all the generous genuine essence of Bali and Balinese people evokes thoughts of travel paradise on any traveller’s mind. It is more than just a place, it is a mood, an aspiration and a tropical state of mind – it is rejuvenation. So no wonder if you picked Bali for a holiday, as people from around the world fondly fonder over the Indonesian island. But this might not be the perfect time to take a trip to Bali, as the Indonesian authorities have raised a high-alert as volcano is aggravating at Mount Agung on the very island.

The National Disaster Mitigation Agency has issued highest level of alert since Friday, for residents as well as tourists and about 10000 locals have been relocated to 50 shelters in safer zones. As per the experts, the enormous volcano mountain could erupt soon and there should be zero movement within 9km of the crater or within 12km to the north, north-east, south-east and south-south-west. The volcano is assumed to be very enormous as it has not erupted since 1963 i.e. 54 years and volcanologists are suggesting that probability of its eruption intensity is increasing each day. The alert level has been rated as Category 4 – which means the volcano eruption is going to be quite eminent.

Over 2,00,000 tourists have been warned about this as the mountain is just 72 kilometres away from the resort area of Kuta – which is a tourist hub and a popular hiking spot. In recent days, the nearby volcano monitoring station has recorded 500 tremors in just one day! These tremors themselves are evidence of a potential volcanic blow because the tremors mean that hot magma is pushing in all directions under the mountain, trying to find the softest path. So don’t go, be safe.