A music streaming platform called YouTube Music has been officially announced by Google and we won’t need to wait much as it is likely to launch by next week. Along with YouTube Music, Google is also launching a premium ad-free original video streaming platform called YouTube Premium. So long, YouTube Red.

Breaking down the premium YouTube Red service into two offerings, Google has officially introduced us to: YouTube Music streaming service, available either for free with ads or for $9.99 per month, and a YouTube Premium for original video content, costing $11.99 per month. The YouTube Music platform will play as Google’s direct competitor to Spotify as the new service will come with a reimagined mobile app and a new desktop player which will be dedicated specifically to play music. And the advantage that Google has is – YouTube itself with zillions of official versions of songs with access to “thousands” of related playlists, remixes, covers, live versions, and of course, music videos.

One cannot deny the power of YouTube and how it can help in music streaming – after all, it is being watched for over one billion hours daily and music made up a significant number of the content streamed. Lately, Google is all about artificial intelligence, Google’s AI mastery is also being integrated into YouTube Music, with the promise that the app will discover songs either by lyrics or just a general description like “that hipster song with the whistling.” YouTube Music will be a direct match to all the major music-streaming platforms already available, costing $9.99 for the premium version, which adds background listening, downloads, and an ad-free experience to the free option. And it can be enjoyed for free, but with advertisements.

About YouTube Premium, it gets you everything inside YouTube Music plus access to the YouTube Originals library of video content. Also, on YouTube Premium, you’ll be free of ads, able to play videos in the background, or download them for offline playback – all this costing $11.99 dollars. Basically, YouTube Premium is the new name for YouTube Red, and Google is doing something nice for existing Red subscribers by not asking them to pay the new higher price. Both the new platforms are most likely to be launched on May 22 – but in western European countries and for India, it might take some time to arrive.