A new malware named ‘Judy’ has infected 36.5 million Android devices! And Google has raised its armoury against the malicious apps and have removed 41 applications from Google Play Store by now.

Android users are under attack of a malware called Judy which are a set of apps available on Play Store over a year but have been clean and virus free. But recently, these apps were slowly updating malicious codes and as per the researches and findings of Check Point which is a security group, the malware Judy attacked most devices in the form of simple fashion and cooking games. The malware went unnoticed because the infected payload was downloaded externally from a non-Google server, after the applications were installed. Once installed, the software used the infected phone to click on certain Google Ads to increase the revenue of the attacker.

So Judy infects devices and produces fake advertisement clicks to add up to the pockets of its developers. As per Check Point, as many as 41 applications developed by Korea-based firm Kiniwini and published under the moniker ENISTUDIO Corp. have been detected to be malicious so far. The infected devices generate huge number of fraudulent clicks on advertisements to generate large revenue. And the search giant – Google has already removed all the 41 malicious applications. This is possibly the largest malware campaign on Google Play Store till date.

Google has been ‘swiftly’ removing the apps from Google Play and since their existing security system called ‘Bouncers’ was unable to detect Judy; new help is coming. According to Google, the they are launching a new security service called Google Play Protect, which will continuously scan all the Android apps and user devices to check for malicious behaviour. This new security service will use machine learning technique to detect any suspicious activity on devices and one detected, it will remove the application from the devices of all users whoever have installed it.