Four largest tech giants – Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter have joined hands and will work together to make data transfer easier for users and facilitate simpler data download and usage across all platforms under the Data Transfer Project.

For easy and simple movement of data across wide range of platforms, Google Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter have initiated the Data Transfer Project (DTP). Under this mission, all four biggest techies will work together and design new ways for easy transfer of data between their platforms. To begin with, the DTP aims will help users of one service to use their data to sign up for another service with encryption. This will “enable people to freely move their information across the web”, regardless of what platform they are using.

Furthermore, the DTP group will conduct an open dialogue with developers and users alike moving forward. Moving data between any two different platforms can be complicated because every service is built differently and uses different types of data that may require unique privacy controls and settings. To address this problem, the DTP will use existing APIs and authorisation mechanisms to access data and then implement service-specific adapters that will transfer data in a common format and then reconvert it into destination service’s API.

The DTP is still in development mode since 2017 and is not available for us yet, the end goal for the mega collaboration is to get companies outside of the current contributors to embrace the new system. This will provide true flexibility to users and expand the usability of any service, regardless of the platform – unified for the good.