The feeds on Google Feeds app were usually international, so getting local, relevant news and real-time updates was almost like a dream – especially for Indian users. To our glee, Google is offering exactly that – a personalised Feed on Google app which will show information in which we would be interested in.

On Friday, Google announced the launch of a ‘Feed’ feature in its Google app for Android and iOS app which will better tune the flow of news and information from the web to mobile – as per our choice. This will ensure an enhanced search experience and enable users to dig deeper into topics they are passionate about. So why did I day – crafted especially for India? Because, the feeds will be available in both English, as well as Hindi – haan sachi; Google gotcha covered if you love reading in Hindi.

It will look familiar because, it is not much different from Google Now and we all know Google Now, right? It simply fetches relevant information, like weather forecasts for your location, or of the location you’ll be travelling to and the news stories that might interest you. So Feed and Google Now are more or less same, it’s just that now users will get even more relevant and personalised information. Which means, the nature of information has changed and the way we want to see updates can be easily controlled.

But don’t worry there are some differences too, one big addition to the Feed is that people will be able to actively follow topics. For example, if you search for something or someone, day Virat Kohli, then you will be given an option to follow that search query. Once you opt to follow a topic, you will get relevant information about the topic in the Google Feed. In case you decide to stop following, you will be also able to do so. Another difference is that in Feed information will be relevant to users. Although Google will probably prioritise recent information, if it finds something that appeared 2 years ago but is relevant to a user, it will show that in the feed. All also in Hindi, cool right?