While most of us techy-savvies spurt into the speeds of internet age, we forget that the more elderly group somewhere lags behind when it comes to adapting to technology, especially internet. To expel this gap, Google India initiated a ‘Back to school’ programme which demystifies the mysteries and complexities of internet for senior mass.

Internet and smartphone have become like a vital organ to ‘modern’ people, I mean literally one body organ – see how at least one device has to be stuck to us, or we go barmy! The extent of internet usage is crazy, but has now become inevitable – and everyone gets in touch with it at some point, every-single-freaking-day. The fact is adapting to technology is easier for younger people, but somewhere, elderly people still find it difficult to understand how exactly one can use internet – safely. This alienates them from reaching and using the internet, so to solve this, Google India came up with an effective idea.

Teaching mode:Senior citizens at Google India’s ‘Back to School’ programme in Hyderabad on Monday - Photo: Nagara GopalPhoto credit: Nagara Gopal

What is the easiest way to explain complex ideas in a simpler way? Demystifying, decoding and toning it down with real life, easy to understand examples. With technological empowerment as theme of event, Google India initiated a programme called ‘Back to School’ which focuses on familiarising senior citizens with internet services. Held at Hyderabad on Monday, the session was meant to teach senior participants about how to independently browse on internet across webpages, safely.

The most common reason among elders for reluctance towards using internet is – safety concern. So during Back to school session, Google India Trust and Safety Director Saikat Mitra explained in simpler words that one doesn’t stop travelling by bus just because their pockets were picked few times. He also explained that if just few basic precautions are taken, internet can become a real friend – so very true. The session then taught 50 senior citizens about how to access organised information, online services, from booking travel tickets, ordering food, online shopping to paying or transferring money; breaking the ice for a digital tomorrow.