Google wants to do all it can to give their Pixel smartphones a strong reachability in India and with the same goal, Google India is planning to rely on brick and mortar. Well, almost. With plans to open up offline physical store, Google really wants to shore-up the sales of its Pixel smartphone series in world’s fastest growing markets.

Many international bigwig companies are eyeing India as a big-slice-of-cake because the country is one of the fastest-growing economy, fastest-growing tech market and fastest-growing.. uhm well.. population in entire world. Seeing huge potential, companies are trying to adapt to Indian market and promote their products and businesses in the country. That explains all that Google’s keenness to creep into Indian market as deep as possible. So with that in mind, Google has decided to go old-school by opening up offline physical stores which are likely to shore up the Pixel smartphone’s sales in India. With these new offline stores, Google wants to up the sales as well as catch up with the intense competition.

But with brick-and-mortar tests, Google doesn’t just expect to improve sales, but to also improve visibility as well. After Google received encouraging response from recently opened pop-up stores in malls across India, Google decided to launch the physical stores. Most people in India still prefer to buy products touched and felt by themselves rather than window shopping online – especially when it is something costs over 70-80k bucks. And since the competition in 1.3 billion people market is pretty tough with Chinese players like Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi and what not, having dedicated physical stores for premium Google Pixels will make a difference as customers will be able to get exposed to the premium-ness (if that’s even a word) of the particular gadget over others.

The Google pop-up stores were opened up at High Street Phoenix in Mumbai, and Select Citywalk, Promenade, Mall of India in Delhi-NCR to showcase Pixel 2 phones and educate consumers on its features. Remarkably, there are some features and specifications that can be better explained physically and not online – and this isn’t limited to just smartphones. For example, the pop-up stores featured ‘dark rooms’ where they demonstrated Pixel’s low-light responsiveness and functioning – that can’t be done online, right? So with that, Google is pacing up towards building its offline stores. In fact, two malls have already confirmed to have received space requests to setup Google stores – so they are coming; coming for good.