, the philanthropic subsidiary of Google has announced spending $3 million as additional grant to be used in two years to Central Square Foundation and The Teacher App with a goal to promote e-learning in the country.

Keeping up with the promise to provide quality learning in India through e-learning, has made a commitment to grant $3 million to non-profit organisations – Central Square Foundation and The Teacher App. The massive grant from will be spend in time-span of two years to help the organisations to scale their initiatives and fund content creation and teacher training, through tech-based learning solutions like YouTube Learning team run by the Central Square Foundation. Announcing about the grant, Nick Cain, the Education Lead of said, “Their success gives us the confidence to expand our efforts in India and today we are announcing additional grants totalling $3 million to support teacher learning and educational content creation.”

From the total grant of $3 million, The Teacher App will receive a sum of $1 million which will empower the teaching force of India. With the funds, teachers will be empowered through training and research over basic concepts like maths, science and languages among others. Also, the funds will help expanding educational workforce in India and reach to 50,000 teachers in two years. The other $2 million will be granted to the Central Square Foundation which will be used to provide technical assistance in expansion of curriculum that is in accordance with the video learning program already available on YouTube.

As many as 20 content creators will work and generate as many as 200 hours of quality learning content in different Indian languages. The entire programme is aimed to bridge the geographical gap and making quality education available to all. The $3 million additional grant committed by on Thursday is in addition to the grant provided previously to boost quality learning across the country. This is a major help as India was the first country to receive grants under’s global educational program dedicating $50 million; and including the recent grant, India has received a total of 11.4 million dollars in the program from