At the Google I/O 2018 developers’ conference, Google announced a slew of new features that will be added to Google Photos including the catchiest one – the ‘Color Pop’ feature which will allow colorization of black and white pictures and also selective desaturation of coloured images.

If Google Photos is one of your favourite photo editing apps, here’s an added bonus to make the good better with added features that will take user experience to another level. During the recently held Google I/O Keynote event, the tech giant had announced that they will be adding a number of new features to Google Photos app which will make it even more useful. As we all know it, Google I/O 2018 was all about artificial intelligence, quite literally, the new features that will change Google Photos are also supported by machine-learning and artificial intelligence, making interacting with photos easier than ever.

Among a number of new features being talked about for Google Photos, three are the most highlighted ones that will be most useful. Saving the best one for last, the first new feature uses – artificial intelligence (obviously) for automatic facial recognition. This feature will help in making photo sharing and arrangement much easier – that is, facial recognition will be used to group together photos of the same people, and even better, it will then put those photos in a folder making albums quick and easy to send. Since it is AI, it has to be a step forward in everything – which means, the app will recognise people in the photos and offer you to send a link to them based on your preferences. Smart, ain’t it?

Second feature would be the light enhancement feature – which is enable with AI, again, and it will make necessary suggestions like changing a photo’s brightness or altering the contrast and you will be able to enact these changes with a single tap. All the suggestions made by Google Photos will change from photo to photo because AI actually studies every picture and makes suggestions accordingly. About the third and the best feature – it is all about playing with colours. A feature named ‘Color Pop’ will let us make selective desaturation – which means, one can discolour he background of an image into black and white, and leave the subject in full colour. And, and here’s the best one – the AI-powered app will also be able to colourise black and white photos. Just take a picture of your black and white photo with the camera on your phone, and then Google Photos will do the analysis and produce a colorized version of it – automatically.