Google’s Play Protect was introduced in May 2017 with limited access, but it is only now that users are finally getting to see the update on the Play Store. The Play Protect will save all android users from malware, for a secure open-source platform.

The Play Protect feature by Google is now appearing on the Play Store, finally and it will scan devices and applications in real time. Some users, in the play store, are seeing a new label in the ‘Updates’ section of ‘My apps & games’ that allows them to manually scan their apps and look for problems. Some apps with ‘Verified by Play Protect’ are being observed on the Play Store. Previously, the apps were only scanned during installation, but it was then moved to a full-time scan; which ensured that users felt more comfortable and safe knowing that apps are continuously being scanned to ensure they are safe for further use.

But with time, cyber attackers have grown smarter and so will the security features. Google claims that Play Protect compares app behaviours of various apps and passes all the data through its Machine Learning systems. If it spots an app behaving unusually, it removes it from your device. The Play Protect has been rolling out in phases and this feature can now be seen in multiple devices, continuously expanding.


Play Protect will also allow users to manually check if some apps have issues and see if they are safe to use or not. This feature will also notify users if a particular app starts behaving abnormally and help in resolving the issue. And here’s the best part, it claims to find lost phone too! Now that is quite something, isn’t it? Google Play Protect is now available on Android O and Android 7.1.1 Nougat but hasn’t rolled out of Marshmallow or lower OS.