Google has taken machine learning and artificial intelligence to a whole new level by it’s new play store cleaning anti-spam system and the entire Google Play Store is currently being cleaned up from all the junk including bad and buggy apps as well as fake app ratings and reviews.

In recent days, it had come to the notice of Google that some of the app developers are literally buying reviews and ratings by offering something in return to the users. The practice gains popularity and more visibility to the app, but it leads to false reviews, causing other users to get wrong information about the application they’re about to download. In a bid to jibe this problem, Google developed a new machine learning and AI-based system to spot and eliminate any fake ratings, bad apps or any spam reviews present.

Interestingly, this new machine learning anti-spam system also recognizes profanity and ingenuity in language of app reviews or off topic comments, hate comments and deletes it as well – a bonus for the developers as well. In addition to this any sudden increase in downloads, reviews, ratings etc will also be noticed by the AI-aided algorithm and actions will be taken accordingly. Many of the bad apps are removed from the the Play Store, and developers are also notified about such an action being taken towards the developers’ apps.

Google has revealed that this system doesn’t solely depend on machine learning but it also takes manual efforts to make it work. Along with this, Google has also called for the users to stay away from any developers trying to fool them into downloading their apps or wanting to buy reviews for them. At the same time they’ve also requested the developers to be as genuine as they can and not support any kind of unethical practices. Google has also developed a new feature by which the users can report a comment/review as spam.