Google releases a list of most searched terms at the end of every year and the Google search list 2018 turned out to be quite interesting and impressive as the term ‘good’ was googled more than ever before – which can be seen as a positive something.

‘How to be a good citizen’, ‘good things to watch’ to ‘good singer’, ‘good listening’, these were some of the most searched terms on Google. The list includes overall searches, movies, how to’s, ‘what is’ searches, ‘near me’, news, personalities, sports, songs etc and the terms that made it to the top the search lists. Well, so many celebrities got married this year, some got into new relationships and some even broke up. Sadly the world also lost some great people and artists this year, and some new members are about to enter the world. Some sports stars achieved great success, some movies made it to the top of hits. So many things happened and yet, the ‘top searches’ list is over weighed by ‘good’ searches.

“In a year of ups and downs, the world searched for ‘good’ more than ever before. Here’s to all the good moments from 2018 and all the people who searched for them,” tweeted Google CEO Sundar Pichai as he released the ‘Year in Search; video. They’ve compiled all the good events of the year in a two minute video clip along with all the ‘good’ terms that people searched for. The list includes,  ‘how to be a good citizen’, ‘good things to watch’ to ‘good singer’, ‘good listening’, etc. The clip, which has over five lakh views at the time of writing, states that in 2018, the world searched for good “more than ever”.


The video has all the miraculous moments from Thai Cave rescue operation to the viral video of the deaf child hearing his mother’s voice for the first time and many more.

The overall search list of India consisted of:

1 FIFA World Cup 2018

2 Live score

3 IPL 2018

4 Karnataka election results

5 Baal Veer

6 Bigg Boss

7 Robot 2.0

8 Asia Cup 2018

9 Motu Patlu

10 Asian Games 2018

While Robot 2.0 topped the search list of movies, FIFA world cup topped the list of news search. Priya Prakash Varrier, the wink girl, has topped the list of search in personalities, while Nick Jonas and Meghan Markle have also been on the list. People have also Search about ‘What is section 377?’ , ‘How to send WhatsApp stickers?’ and other such questions.

However what matters the most is that the overall search list for 2018 is way positive than ever before. And like Google says, what we search for, reflects who we are, and good things are worth searching for. Search on.