One of the most common experience while using internet, which is essentially on Google most of the times are the “reminder ads” that keep stalking you and keep popping up just because you looked up some product online. Google has now rolled out a feature that will grant control to users these annoying advertisements by muting them for one and for all. Internet peace.

Obnoxiously, you surely must have gone through an annoying ‘reminder ad’ situation if you use internet. You checked out a product online – say a perfume and after that, ads for perfumes will pour up stalking you every time you open up that web browser. They show up on every website you visit – for days and weeks – you may have already bought the perfume but those ads simply won’t go away. These are called the ‘reminder ads’ which keeps you reminding so annoyingly. Making it even worse, users can pretty much do nothing about it – yes you can report the ad, but that hardly seems to be working. It is all about Google Ads. A pretty annoying situation in the internet world, right?

Well, Google heard us all. The tech giant has rolled out a new feature that will give out us users the ability to mute the annoying reminder ads popping up around. The feature will be available within few days and users will be able to mute ads from specific advertisers for 90 days. Problem solved! Because most of these reminder ads usually last for about a month and users will be able to mute it for a window of three months – that is pretty enough to get rid of those annoying ads. The plan is to expand this feature to YouTube, Google Search and Gmail in soon. That sounds good, better than how much control we have on ads as of now – feeling of nothingness.

But. But, yes, but – this feature is introduced by Google, which means it will only be able to control Google ads. You will still get those reminder ads from time to time from other advertisers – and there are a ton of these out there in the internet world. But don’t worry, the deal is still good enough because it will be able to mute any ads served through Google’s network which is as wide as 2 million sites and reaches over 90% of people online. Fair enough. And, better off, the mute preferences will be synced across all devices you use – so if you have signed in your Google account and you mute some advertiser on your phone, it will be automatically muted on all devices signed up with that account. What more can we ask for!