Andhra Pradesh government has planned up an ambitious project to provide high-speed internet in the state through fibre grids and to aid that, they have signed a landmark Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Google X to bring Free Space Optical Communication (FSOC) technology to India.

With the MoU signed, Google X is already prepping up to set up a development centre in Vishakhapatnam and henceforth develop a high-speed internet grid across Andhra Pradesh. As per plan, these broadband connections will benefit over 12 million households, 12198 Panchayats, 60000 schools, 10000 government offices, 670 manual Offices, 96 municipalities, 14 corporations, 6000 Public Health Centres with high-speed internet. The Andhra Pradesh Fibre Grid is an ambitious project and it will efficiently be handled and aided by Google X which will implement their FSOC technology. This is first time that Google is developing and expanding Google X’s development centre anywhere outside the US.

Google X, which is a moonshot factory of Alphabet, the tech giant owned by Google, will bring the wireless internet technology into the state of Andhra Pradesh, especially the state’s rural areas. X is known for its FSOC technology which enables providing internet services to far-flung remote areas by using light-beams. FSOC enables service providers to serve high-speed, high-capacity connectivity to long distances at affordable rates – it is like triple chocolate cookies, with everything good packed in. The idea is that FSOC links will beam beams of light for connectivity over long distances, just like fibre optics – only that there will be no cables in FSOC. And since there are no cables, there is no hassle of installation, digging up trenches and poles for wires. Instead, they just need to place a FSOC box on roofs or terraces and just transfer data from box to box, easily bypassing obstacles like rivers, forests or valleys. With the FSOC links, connections can be established to a distance of 20 kilometres.

The plan for implementing fibre grid in Andhra Pradesh is that X will set up some 2000 FSOC links across the state in partnership with the state Government and state-owned telecom company named FiberNet to connect all 12 million households and other private as well as government organisations.  The association with X labs will bring wireless internet connection at a higher speed of up to 20Gbps and to a distance of up to 20kms. FSOC’s wireless internet will particularly be very effective for Andhra Pradesh, considering its hideous terrains filled with rivers, valleys, forests and mountains. This will prove to be a major booster in Andhra Pradesh’s digital infrastructure, stepping with Digital India theme.