Google has announced a new mega initiative which will be dedicated to help out news publishers get more paid subscribers while stemming the flow of misinformation on the web – for which, Google has committed to spend $300 million under the “Google News Initiative” aka GNI program.

The impact of news and media has always been significant on the common people and societies, as they say, a pen has more power than a sword. However, with power comes drawbacks like spread of misinformation and fake news which adversely affects the society – and news becomes more vulnerable as it is evolving towards digitalisation. Talking about digital news platforms, Google News can be called as one of the most used and popular news aggregator. Perhaps, it is more vulnerable to spreading of fake news and misinformation – despite having a number of parameters already. Google believes that fake news is still a persistent issue despite efforts from its part and from other platforms like Facebook and Twitter to weed them out over the years.

With a goal to combat fake news and help news organizations to grow their digital advertising revenue, Google has announced a $300 million program called the Google News Initiative (GNI). The initiative will focus on three objectives – to elevate and strengthen quality journalism, evolve business models to drive sustainable growth and empower news organisations through technological innovation. The first point will focus on combat misinformation during breaking news situations – for which, Google has trained their systems to recognize these events and adjust our signals toward more authoritative content.

The second point is publisher-oriented as it will help news organisations grow their digital revenue with ‘Subscribe with Google’ option – which is a two-way street wherein Google is not only providing a simpler way for users to subscribe to and access various news outlets, but also help publishers drive up their revenue. And the third point will be to consolidate the technology firm’s efforts to support journalism. So no more fake news, or at least lesser, more audience and more money, trustworthy information – it is certainly a win-win.