Internet is used to spread extreme content that promotes terror and hatred among people, and Google is finally working on rooting out such vile content as a fight against terror.

Terrorism has spread globally and with the misuse of internet through which it is attacking the open society with extremist and violent content, hate of speech and terrorist content. To suppress such harmful content and fight against terrorism, Google and YouTube is creating new policies and practices to stop from becoming a petri dish for radical ideology. And as a part of the new tougher stances, Google will adopt four approaches to identify terror related content.

  • Google will dedicate more engineers and experts to develop artificial intelligence softwares which will be capable to identify and remove extremist content including videos, images, websites and hate of speech.
  • Adding up to 50 expert non-government organisations to already existing 63 experts as a part of YouTube’s Trusted Flagger Program to review videos and flag off extremist or radical videos. This will ensure that the 90% accurate Trusted Flagger Program gets even more accurate and violence-promoting videos can be avoided.
  • Not leaving behind videos that clearly do not violate YouTube policies but still promote inflammatory religious or supremacist content and make them appear behind warnings or charged monetarily.
  • YouTube is working with Jigsaw – a company behind “The Redirect Method” which uses ad targeting to send potential ISIS recruits to anti-terrorist videos, which could change their mind about joining extremist organizations. This method has worked as per the reports of Google which say that these ads have been clicked highly and have been watched for over half million minutes, which has supposedly debunked terrorist recruiting messages.

Google and YouTube has also joined hands with other tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft to establish an international forum which will help in sharing technologies to together to fight against terrorism online, because collectively they will make a difference. Peace.