Google has launched a new hyper local service app called Google Areo which will provide food delivery and home services in India. There was no official announcement prior to the launch and Google Area rolled out on Google Play in India today. The app offers piles of services including delivering food and domestic services like plumbers, electricians or even beauticians. The only turn-off is that Areo will only deliver in Bengaluru and Mumbai for now.

The secretly launched Google Areo is a perfect blend of food delivery apps and home service apps under one roof, under Google’s roof. The app consists of vast database and the APIs from existing aggregator services to provide it all in one single seamless combo app. Areo consolidates food deliver, repair and installation services, home maintenance, house chores and cleaning, fitness and cosmetic services in one single app. Yep! But you can’t access the app if you don’t live in Mumbai or Bengaluru and it’s such a shame because the app seems to be so pretty darn useful because it basically is an all-in-one aggregator app which is likely to streamline our lives.

The application is available for free on Google Play Store and it is pretty lightweight, consuming mere 6.95 MB on your android phones. The application asks for a few permissions and the first screen to open up is the map where you can pin your address and save if for easier access. The app will list down the services available near the user’s location and filter options are available too.

The overall interface of Google Areo is speedy, responsive and simple to use and it is well built with no over the top animations or overhauling advertisements. Google Areo is a brilliant idea in terms of reducing the requirement of installing multiple apps for same services. Areo’s baby steps are far more promising than all the existing similar apps. The search engine giant’s aggregator will be a direct competition to Zomato, UrbanClap, Swiggy, Faasos and FreshMenu.

Areo is a well-built strong application with potential future, the only challenge for Google is to expand the service area as fast as possible to cover up maximum parts of India for wide market. Although Google remains mysteriously silent about Areo, it may have plans to implement the application beyond India. And by the way, doesn’t ‘Areo’ remind you of ‘Oreo’?