Trends come, trends go but the gaming fever will never be off the table, because be it kids or be it adults, games are the got-to time killer pick. To make gaming experience better, Google is likely launch its own gaming console called “Yeti”.

Google’s fondness for “everything” is not unknown, which is why, the tech giant is already working on developing a gaming console called Yeti, which would be similar to a streaming service device like Roku or Apple TV and would allow the gamer community to download their favourite games without requiring discs or hard copies. The goal by developing Yeti is to create a gaming platform which would not require the users to have beefy graphic cards and fancy RAM to run those high-ends games – which is a barrier even for the fanciest kind of gaming PCs.

To acquire ambitious target, Google has employed its dedicated game developers to work on this project for developing games Yeti.  Google’s new gaming console would be a streaming platform with a physical hardware to run the games on remote PCs online – which means, the rendering graphics will have to be offloaded to Google’s servers. Once that will be achieved, we would be able to jump into any game without having to worry about it being loaded and rendered on our systems. Imagine playing Destiny 2 on a tab on Google Chrome! Yep, that’s that goal.

Perhaps the challenge here is that Google will require to have a crazy amount of bandwidth to pull off something as demanding as jump-in-jump-out of high-end games which are being streamed on some web browser. Google Fiber can help, but it will still be limited to selected metropolitan cities and the game streaming console can still be called to be one hell of an idea which is still too far-fetched.