Google has launched its new search engine option called “Google Dataset Search”, which is dedicated to help scientists, researchers and journalists to look up bundles of data for their projects and researches.

While Google is pretty-much the answer to almost all sorts of questions, the mega search engine sometimes lacked enough data to help scientist and research-level community. So researchers, data scientists and journalists had to rely on other sources like NASA, World Bank, ProPublica or dataset search engines like Kaggle. Perhaps, in a bid to make Google the answer to every question and solution for every need, the tech-giant has introduced a new search engine option called “Google Dataset Search” that will be dedicated to research community and suffice their data needs.

Themed with the regular Google like design and interface, Google Dataset Search will help scientists, researchers, data journalists or anyone who wants to find data to unearth publicly available data in a way that it can be useful for their projects. The results of the Dataset Search will scrape down datasets wherever they are, including – government databases, public sources, publishers’ sites, web pages or digital libraries. And, just like the good old regular Google Search, the new dataset search engine can supports multiple languages and will add support for more of them soon.

So next time you want some deep information related to weather, just search with a simple query like “daily weather” to begin your research and Google Dataset Search will come up with information, analyses where different versions of the same dataset might be, and finds publications that may be describing or discussing the dataset. The mission here is to make useful data more accessible and available to all through an open and reliable platform.