New Delhi: The Oil Ministry has issued a request for an investigation of all petrol pumps in UP and irregular checks in different states. The move comes after assaults on 11 UP petrol pumps uncovered affirmed taking of 50ml of fuel in each litre apportioned.

The move comes after the Uttar Pradesh Special Task Force (STF) led assaults on 11 petrol pumps in the state and found the claimed taking of 50ml of fuel in each litre administered to customers.

Pradhan said that however the obligation of the right amount of item administered lies with state governments as their weights and measures office introduces seals on apportioning units, two authorities of state-possessed fuel retailers have been suspended after the strikes.

“We have initiated action against respective field officers. The strictest possible action will be taken against guilty petrol pumps, including termination of licence,” he said in press conference.

His ministry issued a request for an investigation of all petrol pumps in Uttar Pradesh and irregular checks in different states to check altering in apportioning units.

Oil promoting organisation agents will go with the UP police STF and authorities of the state’s weights and measures division, the nourishment and common supply office for investigation of all petrol pumps in Uttar Pradesh, he said.

“Responsibility to ensure proper measurement lies with the state’s weights and measure department, but as owners, oil marketing companies also have to share the blame,” he made it clear. “Surprise checks on fuel stations are to be conducted across the country.”

Of these, electronic chips were found at nine fuel stations, three of which have a place with Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and the rest of the Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd BPCL).

The central and state governments have chosen to hold a meeting in Lucknow in light of the assaults, which will be led by the state chief secretary and will be gone to delegates of the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and fuel retailers.

Those dealers violating the Marketing Discipline Guidelines (MDG) will also face action amounting to even termination of licences, he warned.

This article was originally published on TOI.