While West Bengal faces communal stirs quite frequently, Chief Minister of the state Mamata Banerjee made an announcement in meeting at Durgapur that the state government will reward anyone who helps in foiling communal violence in the state, with a government job.

Since few months, West Bengal has withstood number of communal clashes when mobs of people would simply defile places of worship and cause tension and unrest in the state. Cases of religious and communal lynching in the state have surged up and situations are intensifying each day. So in a bid to stop communal unrest in West Bengal, CM Mamata Banerjee announced to step up mass vigilantism which counteracts or attempts to foil communal unrest. During an administrative review meeting in Durgapur on Monday (March 5), Banerjee announced that anyone who helps in countering communal unrest will be rewarded with government jobs.

As per the announcement, the West Bengali government has already advised the state police to reward people who helps the administrative forces in fighting communal tension. Depending on the intensity of case and contribution made by the individual, the reward will be decided from either the job or a substantial cash prize. The rewards are aimed to promote awareness among people and make them stand and speak up against communal issues. The step from state government will end up developing a ‘substantial vigilante mass’ standing by the government to endure peace in Bengali peninsula.

Besides the rewards, Banerjee also mentioned that anyone who will be found guilty of conspiring communism will be dealt with full law enforcement, regardless of faith and political affiliation. To keep up with the plan, the state police department has already been asked to make arrangements to step up surveillance in partnership with the public. Top police officers said vigilantism could help, but, at the same time, it could also be counter-productive. Vigilantes are, as a rule, a double-edged sword, they said, asking not to be identified. Let’s see how that works for West Bengal.