Just two days after ushering into dawn of GST, confusion has taken over citizens of India and the messages and posts floating around in social media are only making the scenario worse. Defying the situation, the government swung into action with a string of Tweets from Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia – busting the 7 major myths of GST, sedating the confusion inferno.

Despite the extolling virtues of the Goods and Service Tax and the Central Government’s efforts to curb corruption, the whole GST ‘farce’ is dubbed as “Into the Darth, without the Force” (it is a great joke if you have watched Star Wars, it really is) and that is probably the aftermath of the initial aftermath of GST, which was pretty much expected and there is certainly no reason to panic. It is like those antidotes, giving us immediate fever but a life-long immune to never catch up the epidemic ever again. The only complication – everyone is confused about GST, and the social media is fuelling up the confusion blaze.


Watching the GST edifice dismantling, Hasmukh Adhia – the architect of India’s largest taxation reform jumped right in, to rescue the country from the fire of confusion with string of Tweets dispelling the 7 major myths related to GST. Adhia also sought to bust the concerns regarding credit card payments saying that if any individual uses credit cards to make payments of utility bills, they will NOT be paying GST twice.

The statements made by Mr GST Architect on behalf of the Government of India may elevate the deteriorating confidence of Indian citizens and denizens, regaining faith and soothing economic chaos in the country. And for the industrialists, the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) assured that the GST rollout will impart major competitiveness to Indian industry, incentivise exports and help expand the tax net; which will stand as an exemplar of collaborative reform for the world on an unprecedented scale. Yet again, betwixt the staggering clan, here’s to the very bold Government of the Republic of India – “May the Force be with you!”