The Central Government has removed the caps of paying Rs 10,000 per month educational funds for the children of Indian army martyrs and from now on, the government will fully fund for the education of soldiers who were killed or disabled in action.

After facing flak number of times, the Indian government has finally removed the cap of Rs 10,000 per month on education fees for children of soldiers and military officials from the armed forces who were killed or disabled when on duty. The requests for removing these caps were made a number of times by the Defence Ministry – acting upon which, the Finance Ministry order dated March 21, 2018 and said that the education concession will continue without any cap. The educational funds are applicable for government and government aided schools, colleges and institutes, military schools or those that are recognised by state and central governments.


Earlier, the educational fund caps for children of martyrs was only up to Rs 10,000 a month and was called “educational concession”. Recently, the Chiefs of Staff Committee (CoSC) which comprises the Army, IAF and Navy chiefs had written to the government to revise the order putting a monthly cap of Rs. 10,000 on education fees for children of martyrs and disabled soldiers belonging to Army, Navy and Air Force. The CoSC chiefs had written that, “These personnel have made the supreme sacrifice for the country and the provision of educational concessions to their wards is a small gesture to recognize their commitment to the defence of the country.”

The new educational funding will be accessible to children of officers from the armed forces, ‘persons below officer rank’ missing in action, and those disabled or killed in action. The scheme will benefit more than 3,400 children as their educational expenses will be completely funded by the government. Since the government funds will fully cover educational expenses of these children, it will also include clothes, books and other supplies apart from the tuition fees. This small gesture would assure the families of our brave women and men that the nation cares for them and their sacrifices are truly appreciated by the government.