Guam – the tiny island in the Pacific Ocean, which harbours thousands of US troops and is an important air base, recently received a threat from North Korea which is indirectly targeted towards US. The threat had stressed out the islanders of Guam but the governing body called for a calm and said there is nothing to worry about.

Guam just received threat of possible ballistic missile attack from North Korea, thanks to US President Donald Trump’s persistent spatter of words which might as well get the States and/or its allies nuked. The islanders where shocked when they woke up today morning and found that they might be Kim Jong-un’s latest target, not for laughing at but for implementation of dreaded ballistic attack. Ironically and coincidently, today is the 72th anniversary of Hiroshima and Nagasaki atom bomb attack. Exactly 72 years after the most disastrous attack in the history of human race, conducted by US on Japan – US received a nuke threat from the pint-sized Korean state; puniest pun! Karma, right?

Recently, US made a wisecrack attempt of so-called diplomatic approach to solve dispute with North Korea and that they promise ‘economic future’ if the country surrendered their nuclear weapons. In a reply to that was Pyongyang’s warning that Guam might be their ballistic missile target, very soon. The island is a home to 1,65,000 civilians and an important American airbase, nuclear bombers and about 6000 troops in the Pacific Ocean; and an attack on the island will prove to be a major blow to the American armed forces. After knowing about the situation, the islanders but naturally panicked.

The Guamanian government quickly informed the citizens that there was nothing to worry about and fear from the North Korean’s angry rhetoric. The Governor of Guam – Eddie Calvo said that the security of island remained intact despite threats from North Korea. Later, Calvo also discussed with White House, National Security Agency, Pentagon and Homeland Security officials that Guam will be protected in the event North Korea attempts to fire missiles toward Guam. Just one thing – sure?