Everyone knows that pollution in all forms is killing our home planet, but the fashion industry is splurging over the efforts of actually becoming eco-friendly and brands like Gucci and Adidas are promoting green products by reusing items like fishing nets and plastic waste to create fashionable and beautiful statement pieces, that are eco-friendly.

That’s right! High-end fashion brands like Gucci and Adidas are picking up plastic wastes like fishing nets and used plastic products – mostly taken out from oceans, and then they are recycled to create new fashion wears. In fact Gucci and Adidas are collaborating with organisations like Aquafil that use ocean waste like plastic bottles, bags and fishing nets, and recycles them to make fabric called econyl. Tons of fishing nets were recently found from near the coast of Sicily and were sent to Aquafil to convert it into sustainable material.

The steps taken by Aquafil towards nature and cutting out plastic pollution was later promoted and applauded by Vogue in the recent London fashion week and designers were advocated to adopted the econyl fabric. One of the Danish fashion brands has put up a really stylish jacket for £255 in their sale, and the best thing about it being that it is made out of plastic bottles revived from ocean bed. The fashion label’s owner, Jenny Egsten-Ericson said that, “The fabric is very fine and that has its own [design] challenges, but the idea is to learn and get better with time as we believe this is a long-term strategy.”

Econyl can also used to making sportswear, and recently a sportswear brand launched collection of RiLEY studios has used econyl in making their exercise wear. With fashion industry adopting the eco-friendly initiative, and especially the well known labels and brands will spread awareness among people for the need to control pollution and opt for greener options. And this also shows how not everything recycled needs to be ugly and how the planet can still be saved with all the beauty and grace.