The youngest owner of an IPL team, Keshav Bansal was just looking to promote his brand – Intex in the country by forming the Gujarat Lions team. With that mission being accomplished, Bansal is now looking forward to expanding the Gujarat Lions franchise beyond cricket.

The rumours about cessation of Gujarat Lions team has been swirling around as the two-year contract with IPL is about to end. Bansal said while talking to The Hindu, “When we bought the franchise, we knew it was for a two-year period, so we were aware of the time we had. At a much lesser cost than what others spent, we got to know about the working of cricket, IPL, the functioning of the league, the benefits and losses etc. From our side, the intention is definitely there to continue.”

The with a lot of churning around in the Indian Cricket administration because of the involvement of multiple bodies like BCCI, the IPL governing committee, the COA; Bansal expects to get a clearer idea once a new Board will be placed. But what is interesting is that the young entrepreneur is looking into other sports. And when asked about which sport would they be focusing on, Bansal came up with a non-committal response saying, “Talks are on. As a group, we have taken a conscious decision to diversify into new sporting leagues. We have been analysing prospects in kabaddi and football, the options are open for others as well but right now, the IPL is so big, all our energies are focused on this.”.

Although the existence of Gujarat Lions franchise in the IPL are ambiguous and hazy, the franchise is looking into spurring into other sports; expanding itself beyond the horizons of cricket or let’s say ‘cricketainment’.