After weeks of dramatic political moves from parties, the judgement day has finally arrived as the voting for the three seats of Gujarat state at Rajya Sabha begins. It is not just a battle of seats; it is a battle of prestige.

The Gujarat Rajya Sabha elections has caught up the attention of entire nation for quiet some reasons ranging from the fact that Rajya Sabha election in the state have been held after 20 years, the weeks of political turmoil and finally that it is a race between Congress’ prestige – Ahmed Patel and BJP big gun Amit Shah. The otherwise routine affair for Ahmed Patel, who has been elected undefeated at Rajya Sabha since four terms but this year it has become a duel against BJP President himself. After massive erosion in Congress party, victory against Shah in Gujarat Rajya Sabha will prove to be a pivotal role in guiding the party to a face-saving performance.

Although Shah and Patel will not be racing for the same seat directly, it is still a face-off between Shah and Sonia Gandhi. While Patel’s victory can redefine the Congress politics at national level, but a defeat will immediately turn out as a blow which will de-hyphen Sonia for the upcoming elections against Modi. BJP boasts 121 MLAs at Gujarat election, 45 BJP MLAs will be voting for Shah, 45 for Smriti Irani and the remaining 31 will vote for Balwantsingh Rajput who will compete against Patel. On the other hand, Congress claims to have the support of 44 MLAs from their party and 4 from other parties which leaves Rajput short of 14 votes to victory. But there is no way to know what is going on under the political cover – no wonder why it is compared to “Game of Thrones”.

Right now, the polling is already being conducted and the security is so tight and nerve wrecking that Twitter has taken it to trolls with a tag of #GujaratGoT. Patel has back support of 44 MLAs, but the NOTA option introduced will make things even more complicated. But Rajput will have to rely on rebels for 14 votes – the race is really interesting, let’s see what the outcome is and how farce is the political game.